Ultimate Collectors — It’s GO time again!

It has been a few days since the first official F1® Delta Time crate sale came to an end. The response was fantastic, and we’ve been delighted by how the community has reacted to what we’re building.

A deeper look into the crate sale can be read here: Crate Sale Results

But, we have only just begun. Just yesterday we announced a charity auction for the Australia Edition 2020 Apex car, with 100% of the sale going toward fighting the bushfires in Australia. More about this auction can be read here: Australia Auction

Ultimate Collectors

During the sale we launched 3 Ultimate Collector competitions which were received with a lot of excitement. We also heard your requests to keep them coming, so here we go!

This time our competition is not just about the speed, but also accuracy. As you know, speed is not the only thing needed on the track — it’s a combination of getting a lot of things just right.

Announcing: The Perfect Stats Hunt!

To participate, you need to have a complete car composition with stat lines as close as possible to the below targets.

Common Composition:

  • Car Composition: Each stat (Top Speed/Acceleration/Grip) should be as close as possible to: 3224
  • Prize: 1ETH

Rare Composition:

  • Car Composition: Each stat (Top Speed/Acceleration/Grip) should be as close as possible to: 4162
  • Prize: 1.5ETH

For this competition, the highest stat might not be the best one. As an example, a Rare composition that leads to a stat line of 4160 would be better than one reaching 4200.

The reward for completing the Ultimate Collection is only granted if there is a composition where all stats are at least within 50 stat points of the target. In case of two or more submissions where stats are identical, the first person to submit would win.

Rules for this competition are simple:

  • Players need to submit email to collectors@f1deltatime.com including: Tier Submitted, Wallet Address, Related Token IDs and a screenshot of your composition from the Workshop — showing the stats and all parts being attached.
  • All tokens in the composition need to be of the same tier
  • Tokens will remain in the submitting wallet until the winners are announced
  • You can only submit for one tier
  • The composition that has closest stats to required will be announced as a winner
  • If two compositions are submitted with the same winning value, the one that was submitted first will be announced as a winner.
  • All submissions will need to be submitted by 19th March 2020, 12PM GMT.

There is no restriction regarding if you have gained your collection by purchasing crates or buying things in the secondary market. Players are also welcome to form teams, but any submission for a composition needs to be in a single wallet while submitting and until the winner is announced.

Good luck everybody, we are looking forward to finding our next Ultimate Collectors!

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