The Workshop — Constructing a Champion

Every component has an impact

The F1® Delta Time Workshop is an interface that lets players equip their cars with parts and their drivers with gear. It’s your central hub for viewing and analysing your setup before heading to the marketplace or entering the Time Trial (more on this soon!).

The Workshop also serves as an entry point into the main racing gameplay in F1® Delta Time, allowing you to modify your pre-race setup to best suit the event ahead.

Whether it’s looking to max out your top speed for the long straights of Monza, or picking out your best set of wet tyres for navigating a downpour at Silverstone — the Workshop is the place to visit.

Construct and Configure

Where the Garage allows you to browse your items, the Workshop allows you to view your parts in context, and see what kind of car and driver pair you can build with the parts at hand.

Importantly, this is where you can view how many stat points your creations have, and so is the first step in helping you to gauge how powerful your compositions are — as well as revealing the weaknesses in your current inventory.

Cars and drivers are the base collectibles for any Team


You can save multiple driver and car Teams for quick access to different builds. Using Teams, you can craft builds for different track types.

Select the “Team” button to switch or create a new Team

Workshop — Beta Version

If you want to start experimenting, now’s the time. The Workshop is available right now! Just follow the link to get started:

Be sure to give us feedback. Hit-up the #suggestions channel on Discord.


To consistently make the podium in F1® Delta Time it’s not enough to build one supercar. You need a strategy.

Having a good strategy means carefully learning the ins and outs of each circuit through experience, and crafting the best car for each encounter. A setup that can dominate in Monaco is not going to deliver you a win in Spain, and tasking an Aggressive-oriented driver with a circuit which demands high Stamina is not a winning game plan either.

Whether you choose to focus on building a setup that excels at one circuit or performs well enough on most, eventually you’ll need to tailor your builds for each circuit, paying attention to your build stats in the Workshop and how those performed on the day’s circuit.

Now is the time to start planning your strategy — check out the crate sale to start expanding your inventory, and tailor your collection for the biggest impact out of the gate!

Got any questions? Hit us up on social media at Twitter or Facebook, or join us on the official F1® Delta Time Discord.




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