Take part in the new Grand Prix™ Mode racing event, plus Staking Round 2!

UPDATE (1 March 2021) - Please see end of for results!

Race for prizes including REVV, 2019 season cars, and trophies

We’re excited to bring you a new Grand Prix™ Mode Event! And that’s not all — Round 2 Staking begins today as well!

In Round 2 Staking, players can stake F1® Delta Time 2019 season car NFTs to earn rewards from a total pool of 2,000,010 REVV(worth about US$280,000 at the time of writing). More information about Round 2 Staking is available at this Medium post, and the minimum potential earnings for this round is detailed in the table below.

Details of the new Grand Prix™ Mode event 22–28 February 2021

Since we launched NFT staking last year, F1® Delta Time cars have become hot collectibles. Now you have a chance to earn a free 2019 season car (together with a trophy NFT and REVV) in the new Grand Prix™ Mode event which features all currently available circuits!

In this Grand Prix™ Mode event, players compete on the brand new Formula 1® Pirelli British Grand Prix, as well as on Formula 1® Circuit de Monaco and Formula 1® Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. The event runs for a week starting today (22 February 2021) and ending at 23:59:59 (UTC) on 28 February 2021.

Unlike previous Grand Prix™ Mode events, this time you only participate in one Tier. You have to make a decision on what Tier you would like to race in because only the racing results of the Tier you enter first will be counted for your final standing. For example, if your first race is in Tier C, only your performances in Tier C will be counted for this event. So choose carefully and put your best effort into the Tier that is the best fit for your skill and team!

You will compete in every Leaderboard of every circuit and weather condition in your chosen Tier. Your final placing in each Leaderboard will grant you the following points:

The points you earned across all Leaderboards are then tallied to generate the final standings.

F1® Delta Time 2019 season car and trophy NFT prizes

A total of 2 Epic and 2 Rare F1® Delta Time 2019 season cars will be given out to the final winner of each Tier.

12 Trophies will also be earned by the top 3 of each Tier after all of the points have been tallied.

REVV prizes

There is also a pool of 100,000 REVV to compete for, which will be shared among the fastest players in each Tier.

Tier A — Stat Minimum: 16,000+

Tier B — Stat Range: 10,001–16,000

Tier C — Stat Range: 6,001–10,000

Tier D — Stat Range: 0–6,000

Event Summary:

  • The new Grand Prix™ Mode event runs from 22 to 28 February 2021, 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • The Events featured in this event are: Formula 1® Pirelli British Grand Prix, Formula 1® Circuit de Monaco, and Formula 1® Circuit de Spa Francorchamps
  • The final standings are score based, and will be uploaded to this post after the event
  • You can only participate in 1 Tier (the one you enter first)
  • Rewards include 4 F1® Delta Time 2019 Season car NFTs, 12 Trophies, and 100,000 REVV tokens

Final standings!

Tier A

1. Svemirac7–292

2. [Elliotrades] The Landlord — 248

3. [TopShaggers] Sorare-F1DeltaTime — 213

4. [Speedtek] Bertok — 152

5. jc37–128

6. Fao — 90

7. [Speedtek] KingBeavershot — 73

8. ogasahara — 62

9. [Super Fast] Fox — 58

10. [Super Fast] Tadas — 55

11. STAKE SAUCE™ — 47

12. yumaiyo — 26

13. [Smile] Mr. Smile — 23

14. Extravaganza — 17 / [Supreme] Theramoe

16. F1DT_Events — 7

Tier B

1. [Super Fast] Robertih — 300

2. Macks — 252

3. NikiMouse — 249

4. Kurin — 105

5. KK — 72

6. kolabean — 63

7. くりくりぷとぷと — 49

8. Mr. Funny — 17

Tier C

1. [Speedtek] Brock_05–275

2. Vordu — 260

3. Ciurejek — 190

4. BabyDriverSolly — 186

5. Luko7–94

6. BlackViper — 81

7. rabbit — 24

8. Cowbean — 17

9. Sha — 15 / spade

11. billyjoeremarkable — 12

12. [Rex Racing] TheLarch — 10

Tier D

1. [TopShaggers] Joshwaaa — 274

2. [TopShaggers] Flick-knife — 264

3. [Speedtek] KESSLER — 201

4. [Speedtek] Apprentice — 145

5. Rolling Tyre Sparking Asphalt — 113

6. Winki — 40

7. D — 20 / smurfs

9. syelcl — 18

10. kraen — 17

11. kyekyo — 15

12. Blitz Racing — 15 / The Spa / Mephisto / Mr Scorpio / Ness

Any questions, give us a shout!

If you’re new to F1® Delta Time, you can find out more about the game by checking out our Medium articles, as well as following us on Twitter. We also have an active player community on Discord, so come and join the conversation.

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What is REVV and how to get it in 3 easy steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM3kjtAyor4

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