Let’s look at some F1® Delta Time Top Racers!

We have quite an exciting month behind and many different kinds of races have been run during this time!

With the holidays and so much happening there has been some delay in our winner announcements, but these are a very important parts of racing of course, so we wanted to take a moment to go through the latest achievements on the tracks and also look at some historical ones too. In this article we will go through our different game event types and announce the winners of all the Grand Prix™ Mode events so far, as well as those who were rocking it in Elite Time Trial 4 and regular Time Trial last week. So let’s get into it!

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Time Trial

Let’s start with our oldest form of game play, that most of you probably know by now. This beta mini game was the first one to be released for F1® Delta Time and it allows our players to test their compositions and team building skills. In this game the right garage and knowledge of how to match it with the track requirements is the essence.

Here is the top 10 from last week:

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And here is our Top Time Trial racers since September 28th 2020, across all tiers:

*yumaiyo, Glock

Elite Time Trials

Elite Time Trials was launched as an event to make things more exciting while waiting for the Grand Prix™, but after seeing the level of excitement it was received with, we realized Elite was here to stay.

Elite is similar to regular Time Trial, but in order to compete, players will need to stake REVV for the Tier they want to race in. Everyone will earn yield based on the amount staked and also good placement means higher earnings. Additionally we introduced a much heavier set of prizes, which understandably got everyone excited.

So far we have run 4 Elite Time Trials and the 5th one is on going, with exciting ATARI prizes included! Let’s have a look at our Top 10 from the Elite 4, to see who you are up against:

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Also, here are the historic top racers across all tiers, so you know who to go for the tips!

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*NFTeam, ogasahara, [Supreme] Theramoe, [MYSTIC] Napolean, cuma, [Speedtek] Brock_05

F1® Delta Time Grand Prix

And now to the main course, F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™!

Grand Prix™ Phase 1 was released last month and we have so far run 3 events, with 4th one on going at the time of writing. Phase 2 will be released soon, allowing multiplayer racing as a next step. There has been a lot of exciting moments and the added level of skill needed on the tracks has really shuffled the leaderboards. Check out the latest gameplay on F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ and sneak a peek on the next track!

Here are the leaderboards for all the Grand Prix™ so far, keeping in mind that due to the date mix up (our bad!) the leaderboard for Grand Prix™ 1 will look a bit wonky. In the first leaderboard we looked at the results from the time when the event ended and the time when it was announced to end and everyone got their prizes based on their best placement from either of these. As the competition was pretty fierce, that’s a nice punch of extra REVV going out to a good use!

Grand Prix™ 1:

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Grand Prix™ 2:

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Grand Prix™ 3:

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All time top Grand Prix™ winners to this date across all tiers:

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Now that is a lot of rewards to go out (we have started to send these as we write) and these will also be shortly after followed with trophies! We hope that all of you are having a great time on tracks and keep those engines warm as there are a lot of future events ahead!

Any questions, give us a shout!

Have questions? Hit us up on social media at Twitter or Facebook, or join us on the official F1® Delta Time channel on Discord.

F1® Delta Time on Discord: https://discord.gg/sSd2H85QkA

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You can also find out more about REVV over at the official Twitter and Telegram channels.

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#F1DeltaTime is an official Formula 1® #blockchain game developed by Animoca Brands and running on the #Ethereum blockchain. Discord: https://discord.gg/eDrHew9

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