Feature Introduction: The Time Trial

We’re excited to introduce in more detail the upcoming Time Trial mode, which is currently scheduled for a March release. It presents the first time that rubber will meet the road in F1® Delta Time.

Players will get the chance to put their cars and drivers to the test with the aim of achieving the fastest laps possible on real F1® circuits. To play, you will need a car, a driver and a set of tyres.

Weekly Circuits

The fastest lap you can achieve on each daily circuit is then used to tabulate your score at the end of the week, which will be visible on the weekly Leaderboards. The top placements on the Leaderboard will be rewarded, with the rewards varying over time — from REVV, to ETH and even NFTs.

Mother nature also shows up every race day, adding an extra layer of variation which will need to be carefully planned for — most importantly, every player will need a set of the right tyres on hand to accommodate the elements.

A tyre for every occasion

Under the Hood

If a player enters a race on the former circuit with a pre-race Grip of 100 then they would benefit from the entire Grip value at race time, while on the latter circuit their 100 Grip would translate to 60 Grip. Players will have to familiarize themselves with each circuit in order to think of how best to tackle each one.

The way that a lap is resolved goes one step further than this multiplier — each circuit has its own speed benchmarks given certain amounts of stat points after a car and driver meet pavement.

This means that although a Grip-focused circuit will reward players with a high percentage of their initial Grip stat, the speed benchmarks for that circuit demand a higher amount of Grip in order to perform well.

The Time Trial will stretch your Garage to the limits, where a robust mix of components and gear are essential.


At the end of the week, the pool is then distributed to the top 6 players — 3 from Tier A, and 3 from Tier B. The pay-out weighting for each of the pools, is based on the amount of plays that have occurred on that Tier e.g. if a player spent 10 REVV to play at Tier B, that will go into the Tier B reward pool. Then each Tier reward pool is split between first 3 players to 50%, 30% & 20%.

The approximate distribution from the total rewards pool breaks down as follows:

  • 1st Place: 40%
  • 2nd Place: 20%
  • 3rd Place: 10%
  • Rollover: 20%
  • Operations: 10%

The Rollover will carry to the next week, to boost the reward pool, but also act as a larger pay-out at the end of the month, when the pool is fully emptied and paid out.

For the launch week, there was additional prizes:

  • Tier A Winner: 2 ETH
  • Tier B Winner: Epic Car + Driver Pair

Don’t Miss Out

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