F1® Delta Time — The First Event Auction: Formula 1 Grand Prix™ de Monaco and Bahrain Edition 2020

The time has come for the first long-awaited event sale, with the initial auction for a segment of

the Formula 1® Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 — one of the most iconic events on the 2020 Formula 1 calendar.

Also included here is information about the latest F1® Delta Time Apex car auction: the “Bahrain Edition 2020”. Read on for all the action!

About Formula 1® Grand Prix de Monaco

Introducing Event NFTs

Event owners receive shares of all the gameplay fees and staking events that take place on their Grand Prix™ — if you’re an event owner, just sit back and watch the REVV flow in.

Event Tokenomics

Event Segments: Supply and Earn Structure

Fees and Yield earned and allocated to the segment tiers, are shared evenly amongst the active event segments (an active event segment is one that has been minted).

Gameplay Fees: Event Dividends from Race Entry Fees: gameplays in F1® Delta Time (i.e. Time Trial and Grand Prix™ Mode) require an entry fee paid in REVV. A flat 50% share of all entry fees collected is considered a Dividend for the owners of the event on which the gameplay takes place. Higher tier segments receive a proportionately higher share of this Dividend (see table above).

Staking Yield: Elite Yields from Elite Events: Elite Events such as the Elite Time Trial require staking of REVV and do not have race entry fees. In such Elite Events, event segment owners whose related Grand Prix is used during the event receive a Yield based on 40% of the total REVV staked during the Elite Time Trial and on the number of days that that Grand Prix™ appeared. This Yield is then shared among the event segment owners based on their event segments’ rarity (as shown in the above table).

Note that Elite Yields are paid from the Game Operations pool, ensuring that players’ stakes remain intact and can be withdrawn in full after the Elite Time Trial ends.

To summarise: event segment owners will receive Event Dividends from Time Trial and Grand Prix game modes, as well as an Elite Yield from Elite Events such as the Elite Time Trial.

Launching the Events — Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 Auction

The auction will run for three days once listed, with the segment ultimately going to the highest bidder. All bids must be in REVV.

The first segment — Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 Apex Segment 1A — is set to go on auction on 29 November 2020 at 2 am (GMT) at www.F1DeltaTime.com, and the auction will last three days. This is the very first event segment to both be minted, and placed on sale for F1® Delta Time.

Apex Car Auction

As with the Monaco event auction, anyone interested in bidding in this auction will need to have REVV available. REVV is the only currency accepted for this sale.

About the “Bahrain Edition 2020”

The livery of the “Bahrain Edition 2020” car features glittering, circular ripples with a pearlescent colour profile and sinuous lines that represent the waters of Bahrain’s shoreline. The design is finished with splashes of neon inspired by Bahrain’s dramatic night skyline.

The Future of Apex

Today, Apex car NFTs earn the highest REVV return through staking, and Apex event segment NFTs earn the highest Dividends and Yields in F1® Delta Time.

Disclaimer: all references to earnings, including dividends and yields, and fees are examples only and should not be considered to be guarantees.

Any questions, give us a shout!

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#F1DeltaTime is an official Formula 1® #blockchain game developed by Animoca Brands and running on the #Ethereum blockchain. Discord: https://discord.gg/eDrHew9

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