F1® Delta Time Player Interview Series: Episode 2 — Super Fast Team

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Welcome back to our F1® Delta Time player interview series!

F1 ® Delta Time is an officially licensed Formula 1 blockchain-based game that utilizes Ethereum blockchain to bring you a full Formula 1 racing experience, alongside a gaming evolution in a form of true digital ownership. F1® Delta Time consists of two main components; collecting scarce digital items to fill your garage, and leveraging these items to go head-to-head in multiplayer racing..

Over the past several months, we have seen many exciting developments while getting ready for the Grand Prix™ mode. From the sale of the first F1® Delta Time car NFT: the 1–1–1 for over 113K USD, to our most recent record breaking sale of the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 1A track segment, which sold for over 9 million REVV ($223 USD at time of sale). More milestones include the first official crate sale for the 2019 season, to the Time Trial mode, the release of the car NFT staking, and the REVV token, all the way to the Elite Time Trial. It has been some truly exciting times and we have seen an amazing response from the whole community, bonds being created and some great banter between heavy competition.

As you all know, a game cannot exist without it’s players. With this series we want to both thank our players for their participation, hard work and good times, as well as lift the curtain to see who you are racing against.

This week we are talking with the founding members of the Super Fast Team; Tony G, Luca and Ian. An exciting team with an eclectic background, their investment strategies and outlook on the future of REVV, F1® Delta Time and the Blockchain world will undoubtedly interest many!

You can watch the interview here…

Or dive into the written story below. Enjoy!

Matt: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Episode 2 of the F1® Delta Time Player Interview series. Today I have with me here, Tony, Ian and Luca from the Super Fast Team, a team that has caused rapid movements in the leaderboards lately. To kick things off, I’d like to introduce the team’s founder, Tony G. For those of you out there who don’t know who Tony G is, he’s a Lithuanian businessman, poker player, politician, philanthropist and blockchain enthusiast. And if I’m not mistaken, you’ve just won the election to the domestic Lithuanian parliament as well. So congratulations.

Tony G: Yeah, you’re correct. Correct. Yeah, yeah. I’m in foreign affairs. So, yeah, I’m always interested. I’m in charge of getting investments into Lithuania, so that’s important. And then the country’s doing very well, by the way. We’re doing very, very well. One of the fastest growing in Europe.

I want to start off by asking you a little bit about your highly successful history as a poker player. Poker is a game that’s very much about judgment and knowing when to play or fold. So where do you find parallels to that in the blockchain space? And do you see any similarities which you’ve been able to leverage?

Tony G: I think the biggest thing is the volatility, so you go up and down a lot and obviously crypto currencies do move around a lot and that’s one of one of the things. It’s exciting. You know, you always have to be thinking and thinking about what can happen next. So that’s a big similarity. I think in poker, you need a good strategy as well. And you know what to invest in and having fun like something like the ref token and this whole project is just so much fun. So it’s fun to invest in it, but not everything has to be just to make money. You just want to, you know, enjoy time and empower other people and to have a team to race and to pass time and in a good way. So leisure entertainment is very important as well.

With poker being such an individual game and, you know, with everything that you’ve got going on right now, what made you start the super fast team and what actually drew you into F1® Delta time in the first place?

Tony G: So I’ve known Yat from Animoca for a while and been an investor in Animoca for years, so I’m supporting what the team is doing. Animoca Brands, you know, it’s a great company with a huge future ahead. I’ve known Luca from other projects that we work with on Cryptonews. Luca had the enthusiasm to run the team and I had the enthusiasm to invest. So it was a perfect match and now we have a great team of people and more people joining all the time. So I’m really looking forward to the future of this. And it’s also important to fund that, to invest and think about this because it’s the future of blockchain. So it’s just the technology. And then, as I say, in the future, I see more and more people, young people getting into this and spending time on it, enjoying it, as everyone needs to have some entertainment and leisure with their spare time, especially because machines are going to do most things for us. So we have to find ways to enjoy life.

Did all three of you know each other prior to this?

Ian: No, I didn’t know either Luca or Tony.

Tony G: I knew Luca. Basically, Luca and I have been following the development of REVV, F1® Delta Time and the NFTs for a long time, so, you know, I knew the community has grown quite big and I’m also an early investor in the REVV token as well from the start.

Ian I understand you’ve been a long time supporter and investor of Animoca Brands as well as running a few businesses in other industries. So what was the reason that made you interested in F1® Delta Time and what made you join the Super Fast team?

Ian: I think initially F1® Delta Time was simply to check out on my investment and see what was happening, it was like trying to understand, as you said, being invested in Animoca for a long time, I wanted to understand it, and then I got hooked. It was just interesting to me trying to understand how the NFT world works, trying to understand how that would work into the future and I bought some crates in the first sale. All of a sudden I was thinking, this looks like fantastic fun to pick up on Tony’s point. I think it was, it was just fun and you had to start thinking about how you put the team, the cars together and how you maximize what you had. And it just became interesting and fun. The reason for joining the team, that these guys put out some things and I started reading stuff on Telegram and the idea of being able to do something internationally. So I’m in Sydney, Luca’s in Italy, Tony’s in Lithuania, it just seemed like a great way to just make it more enjoyable, meet people, be a part of something.

Luca, if I’m not wrong, you’re a crypto adviser and you have a history in sales and PR for several motorsport projects. I understand you’re also involved with Animoca with crypto news and everything. What makes F1 Delta Time special and what makes it stand out from the other projects that you advise on?

Luca: Yeah, as you understood, I knew Animoca Brands from before from some of the projects I’ve been cooperating with Tony, as well as other projects. For the last three years, they’ve been mainly blockchain projects. Last summer we were talking about REVV, the ecosystem and how interesting the ecosystem is. So I had a more in-depth look into the REVV and Animoca ecosystem. I found it very appealing and interesting because there is a perfect combination of different things. We have blockchain, of course. So the cryptocurrency is blockchain technology. We have Non-Fungible Tokens, decentralized finance and gaming, and online gaming. The formula play-to-earn is just magic. It works perfectly here because it’s all balanced. So there is enough interest for everybody. It could be an investor in the company or the token, investor in the ecosystem, people that just want to buy rare items and stake them, and even people that just want to play. Everybody will have a little slice of earnings and benefits, and actually, if you put all of them together, it’s really rocking! I mean, it’s a very strong system, strong platform, strong ecosystem, and the community is only just born now. I mean, it’s just taking its first steps. I see a bright future for it because imagine what could happen when we have like a hundred thousand people playing those games. It’s the future. Yat, the founder of Animoca Brands is correct, his vision is correct. It’s the future, not so far in the future, it’s actually already happening now. So I found it very interesting. And what they’re doing is amazing because they are going very fast, releasing news at a very fast pace. They have big brands, as you said before. Yes, I’ve worked in MotoGP, and the motorsport industry for many, many years. I was in the pit lane. I was talking to the drivers and their team managers, you know, so I know it works and how passionate they are. There is a huge, passionate world around it and Animoca has the big brands. So actually, Animoca is in pole position to do amazing in the next few years, but it’s already doing amazing now.

Last time we heard from Speedtek last time — your rivals — and got to know a little bit about how they operate as a team and they have a focus on helping new players, having fun, collecting data and competing at a high level across multiple tiers. What is the main focus of your team and what’s the kind of investment strategy and what’s the benefits of being in a team?

Luca: OK, so I’ve been initially inspired by the Speedtek guys, they’re really cool, I’m always in touch with them and they were really the first adopters or very early adopters. So we came a little bit late. We just started the team. We had like one month racing behind us, so not much. And the goal of this team is to involve as many motivated people as possible globally, as Ian said, and join forces, helping each other with tips, growing the community, inviting other people. For example, I started the team racing the Tony G car. Then I had immediately one more player, one more driver, and now we have six, seventh is on the way. I introduce two people completely out of the gaming and REVV environment. OK, so I think that inviting new people and having new minds, new thoughts, new tips, we just grow for the benefit of everybody individually and the team as a collective. Plus, we have some nice plans for the team players in the near future. As soon as we set up everything that we improve our channel Telegram, Communications and Discord channel, we will grow all together, a lot of benefits for all the team players because we want people to to enjoy, to have fun and to make some profits out of staking or playing in the best way. So we want to exploit it as much as possible in the best way. All the opportunities that Animoca has given to us with F1® Delta Time there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy and make profits. And we want to use all of them for us and for our team players. The initial investments, it’s very much individual. So with Tony we have a plan and we are going to buy better parts and cars now with the 2020 sales and we are going to buy some circuit segments because we want to stake and we want to support the environment. But the team is made of many individuals so each one can have his own level of investments and involvement into that. We are also now building some data recording, some software that could help improve the performance of all team members. So this is coming soon. I don’t know how long it will take, but not long. So maybe by the end of the year we are set to become a very strong global team. And this is our major goal, stronger global team that involves and attracts a lot of people from the gaming industry. And we are talking about a huge potential here.

We’ve heard stories of players being successful in making a return on their investment through the gameplay. F1® Delta time is leveraging Defi elements, does this interest you? Given the play to earn aspect of the game, what kind of returns have you seen or what are you guys expecting out of the project?

Tony G: Maybe I answered first just to say, Luca is the president of the team, so he’s in charge of that. As you know, I’m also the founder of a blockchain center. So I’m experimenting. I’m not expecting to earn money from it myself, but I’m hoping that the players participating can earn and just empower them because not everyone has the funds required to participate. So our team enables anyone that can join without having funds but who’s dedicated can do that. That’s my goal, it’s definitely not to get rich from this, but the whole environment, the whole community, blockchain, that’s important to me. That’s been important to me for a very long time, being a member of European Parliament and so on, I’ve been always proactively supporting it. So that’s why I’m doing it. But Luca is the one managing it and I hope it can be profitable as well for players. And I guess Luca can explain more about the team’s opportunities.

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Luca: Yeah, we have allocated funds, mainly coming from Tony. I’ve used only part of these funds and after one month of racing — we actually competed in the second and third Elite Time Trial Event — we have a return in prizes of 20 percent of the initial investment. Investment is the REVV that we spend to buy parts, basically. So after five weeks, we have a 20 percent return on the investment in prizes only. I’m not talking about staking or any other kind of returns, only based on prizes from the leaderboard because we participated in the four tiers and so far we haven’t won any of the four tiers yet because the teams are very competitive. So I guess other players even make more than that. Twenty percent return after five weeks. It’s kind of interesting. You know, it’s very motivating.

Ian: For me, it’s a learning curve on how this whole system works and the play-to-earn aspect absolutely is interesting to me. I’ve got young kids who spend money buying skins on games and it all gets lost in the ether, probably the wrong word, but it all gets lost. You don’t get it back, as Yat has discussed many, many, many times about one of the reasons for the NFT ecosystem. So for me, it’s learning about that. It’s bringing other people in, to learn more about it. I’m not doing this to make my fortune on the Elite Time Trials. It’s great that I can make some money out of it. The play-to-earn aspect is certainly great, but it’s not it’s not my reason for being. But in terms of the return for me, I bought mainly in the first crate sale, and I’ve essentially got my money back from that, over the Elite Time Trials 1, 2, and 3. I haven’t won anything, I have been generally in Tiers A, B and C and got basically my money back from the start of that.

You guys have had good results in all the elite time trials and even in the regular time trials. So how do you guys work with car composition and testing them to get those results? Is it just a matter of click and try or do you guys focus on certain things?

Luca: If you are at the beginning, you can only experience it through click and try. I mean, you have to learn how it works, how to combine the parts, how the tiers work, and you make some experience in that way. If you play as a lonely player, lonely driver, then of course the learning curve is quite steep. If you are in a team, and this is why we want to grow the team, then you can benefit from the experience of other players. Maybe others have a better setup for that circuit. They know it better than they give some tips and then you can save a lot of time because the learning curve here requires a lot of time and other than the financial investment, you also have to invest quite a lot of time to find the best setup. And we want to bring all this experience and all this knowledge to the new drivers as well. So that’s the introduction to the gaming with REVV and in F1® Delta Time, it’s easier and faster getting the results and some prizes, so it’s motivating, but it is a time consuming game, of course, especially if you don’t know how it works and if you are at the beginning.

NFTs are essentially the core of F1® Delta Time. What approach are you guys taking with the NFTs? How much have you guys put into acquiring the assets, if you don’t mind sharing? Are you guys going for the high tier items or are you picking and choosing the assets that suit specific composition requirements?

Ian: For me, I don’t have any legendary items at all, so in the first crate sale I didn’t buy any of those, my main focus after a short period was really making sure I had the right tyre sets because of the importance of the different tyres for the different racing conditions. And I found that even on some courses, say in Tier B, you’re better off with a Rare car than an Epic car. Just bolting on different parts to the Rare car will give me a better result depending on its composition. So that’s sort of been my focus. I might change that. I’m likely to change that in the key sale that’s coming up, and get more legendary things. But that’s been my focus to date.

Matt: Yeah, it’s an interesting point, because I’m sure there are a lot of people out there jumping into it who think, oh, I have to buy the legendary items, I have to get the high tier stuff to to make sure that, you know, “the more you pay, the faster you go” kind of thing. From what you’ve said, that might not necessarily be the case and with a lower tier item, by putting the right bits in the right places, you can actually make the car go quick.

Ian: I think that Tier B, C and D, absolutely. Tier A, I still think you need some extra grunt.

Matt: Yeah, you need that few extra horsepower. Haha.

Luca: Well, you need to have some extra parts because each circuit is different and each setup is different depending on some weather conditions, some tires, and the driver, if you have more choices, it’s better. But I’d say that, as from what I learned in the last two months, to be competitive in the Tier C and D, for example, you don’t really need more than 50, 60 parts. Other than that, it’s not really essential unless you want to also play in Tier A or B. So if you want to play more tiers, eventually you need a bigger garage. But the key is the set up, the perfect setup. So with 40 parts, you can win a race, and with 200 parts you cannot because it depends on if you understand the right set up for the circuit. So sometimes it’s more about speed or others is more about driver concentration, focus, and you need to have the right tires and mix them up. It’s a game. I mean, there is skill involved in this game. It’s not only about “you buy and you win”. It is partially true only for Tier A, where of course there are some Apex cars and very fast cars. So if you don’t have a very strong garage for Tier A, then you are really a little bit limited in that. But for all other tiers, B, C and D, it’s mostly about skills. You need enough parts, but how you combine them makes a difference.

Following on from that, the world of blockchain gaming is evolving at a rate of knots. Tony, how do you see the future of NFTs and digital assets developing?

Tony G: Yeah, I think the future’s very bright, and I think if there’s good, transparent projects in this area, I think it’s going to do really well for investors as well as for people who just want to contribute and help this whole infrastructure being built. The future is bright and everything’s going to be good. So I really like this section better than defi.

For crypto investors and NFT collectors, I mean, even just for people that are hearing about blockchain for the first time, what advice do you have for people that want to get started with all the time or who are looking to invest in REVV?

Tony G: Joining a team, setting up a team, just learning about it, reading a lot about it. That’s the key. You know, don’t rush, like don’t go and spend a huge amount of money. You know, I like the REVV token, I would buy it here. I think it’s going to perform well and has a big future ahead of it. But it’s only my personal recommendation. I haven’t sold one. I just keep buying. So it’s OK. It should be OK.

Matt: Well, I guess the big takeaway from that is do your own research. That’s a message that is constantly pushed on a lot of the channels, do your research and make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Tony G: It’s a real use case that that’s the thing. It’s not just about like circulating money. It’s a real use case, you know, having circuits, racing, participating and using the token for that which has been very important for the industry because a lot of the tokens don’t really have a use case and REVV really has it. There are great brands that are involved with it as well. So I think these sort of tokens in this NFT space are going to be fine. It’s going to do really well and there are going to be some huge winners, of course, where there’s massive take up of the average bloke at home who’s going to use it. Or she, for whatever different reasons, you know, in-game experience, participating, upgrading so on and so on, and then you can get a really big snowball effect. So I think this is very important and I think it’s the future of the world. You know, as we have virtual reality, we have robots, computers, doing everything for us. So we will need to spend our energy somewhere. And obviously it’s going to be in gaming, and it’s going to be one of the biggest avenues. So I’ll check out with that, okay guys? Because I have everything going on here. If there’s no more questions, I leave it all to you! As well there’s a bit of a lock down that we have.

Matt: Haha yeah I’m sure you have a full house so thanks for joining!

Super Fast Team: Bye Tony.

Matt: So, we’ll continue on. I think there are some really, really great points that he made there, especially with the utility of the REVV token, which is just ever expanding. You know, we’ve just secured the IP for Formula E, so Formula E is coming on board, which is really exciting. You know, it’s the top electric racing series in the world, some of the best drivers. So that’s going to be an exciting thing to look out for, MotoGP as well. For people who do follow MotoGP, I think it’s been a fascinating season. So with bringing on all these brands, I think the REVV token is just going to just continue to grow.

Ian: Absolutely, and being able to buy things on Opensea. So for example, I’ve just picked up a couple of race tracks, on MotoGP NinjaStickers, and being able to use the REVV to buy that instead of having to ETH or WETH or whatever, for me is a really positive step.

Matt: Oh yeah, definitely. Being able to have one token that you can use across multiple games and in this case, the REVV token being able to be used across several motorsports games, I think really builds that ecosystem and it’s really good to see.

Luca: Yeah the ecosystem that Animoca is creating around REVV token is just massive, in my opinion. It has just barely started honestly. They have the biggest brands. I mean, all passionate motorcycle supporters will follow this (MotoGP) up somehow. Maybe they don’t know how blockchain works, or they don’t know what an NFT is. So for them, the learning curve is mostly about blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, Defi, all these things which the industry is already moving forward. I mean, you know, I’m one of the team members of Cryptonews. Our main goal is to help people understand what’s going on in the world, how it works, how you can safely buy and sell tokens. And therefore, once they learn all these things, more people will also join the ecosystem and one token for all the motorsports is kind of, huge, obviously, very huge.

What other gaming projects are you guys involved in?

Ian: I’ve been involved with Animoca’s Sandbox for some time and the SAND token as well. I can see that as an ecosystem as well, just building and building and building. I think the public LAND sale for that is in December. Just watching the hype build around that from presale 1, through to now, has just been absolutely incredible. The brands as well that are coming into that side of the business, just phenomenal. I mean, there’s plenty of others, but from an Animoca point of view, that’s the other main one.

Luca: Yeah, I’m following the Sandbox, but I’m not playing it. The only one I’m playing at the moment is F1® Delta Time and eventually MotoGP when it comes out. I’m quite busy every day with trading and other things, so I don’t have much time free for playing. I like this game very much right now and I think that more interesting games are coming up. So eventually something related to lifestyle or wellness could be also something you can play with, because I already use several apps for lifestyle and wellness, and I would love to see those apps bringing extra services and features like NFTs and play-to-earn or rather “use-to-earn”. I’m very keen on using more of those apps. If they are connected with blockchain and they give an added value.

Matt: It’s great to see that our player base also has an interest in other platforms such as the Sandbox. I think there’s a great affinity there between the games and I think, you know, as both ecosystems grow, I think there’s the connection between the two, you know, on. So it’s extremely exciting.

So we’re coming to the end of 2020… thank goodness. We’ve got a lot of exciting things launching with crate sales and track sales. What kind of approach do you guys take with these kinds of sales?

Ian: For me this time it’ll be focusing more on the higher to crate sales. So I think the concept of now being able to stake REVV to get that discount, I think it’s a very clever marketing strategy and I think that will draw people in. So certainly for me with that and it’ll be interesting to see how the track sales segments are actually done. I’m very much looking forward to trying to understand whether it’s just going to be an auction or a lottery system or just how they intend to do it. But selling them in segments rather than whole tracks I think is fantastic.

With the REVV ecosystem expanding and the Grand Prix™ game coming out as well, what are you guys looking forward to and is there anything you want to see in its release?

Luca: I don’t know what the manual involvement of the game will be. I mean, what kind of skills will be involved in the future development of the platform? That’s what makes me curious, because up until now, the only skills are about creating the proper setup. So first you have to buy the right parts and then build a setup that works. And then what’s coming next? I don’t know. I’m curious about it. If it becomes a more and more skill-based game, it’s going to be interesting, honestly, because we might see more skilled players with less parts, drive faster. So it’s going to be like a kind of democracy in the game and I would love that. I’m watching, you know, I’ll be there on the front line to experience it as soon as they release information and as soon as the game starts, I’m going to be there and eventually I can answer this question after a couple of races.

Matt: Yeah, I think that that makes the team element really exciting as well. Because obviously for you guys, you’ve created such an amazing system. How you guys feed back off each other and give information to one another. With the game coming out and having it being a lot more player centric or skill centric, I think there’s another element of maybe, like you said, a driver that’s very skilled might not have the parts but can do really well with what he’s given. I think that will expand the diversity of your team as well.

Ian: Yeah look the more people that get involved in this, in general, to make the community bigger the better. The more diverse that community is, the better it is for F1 Delta Time and then you just get that snowball and the momentum builds on itself. So I agree. I think having people who can just have a crack at stuff and they’re good at different things and gives better opportunities, fantastic. It’s going to make or break with the size of the community and how passionate the community is. Simple as that.

Matt: You can sort of mirror that with a Formula One team. Not everyone’s one of the top 20 best drivers in the world. So you’ve got some guys who steer the car particularly well and some guys who set the car up exceptionally. So I think it’s cool to have that different combination and different skill sets or all coming to one.

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Are you guys reaching out to the community and getting people to join the team? And I think you said 6, but how big is the team right now?

Luca: At the moment, we have six drivers, a seventh is on the way, so I can say already seven and I think we will grow in number of players very soon. Now, the immediate goal is to improve the communication and the way we help each other. That’s the priority at the moment because six or seven players for a team is not bad for a start. And in the future we will be more organized to work many, many more players. So we could also make internal challenges within the team players. That’s the goal. The main goal now is to share all the information from players better and to have a global team. That’s even an extra advantage because of the time difference. You know, I wake up in the morning and Ian has already played and then he can share information with me. I can play during the day and then I go to bed and people from the West coast of the US start playing. So it’s a kind of 24-hour game and if we are a more global team, it helps us a lot because we are always there.

Ian: It’s one of the things that attracted me!

Is there anything else that you want to share with regards to the team or any final thoughts?

Luca: I think that Super Fast Team is going to go well and we’re going to be very, super fast haha! I think that soon we’re going to rank up. Yes, the next Elite Time Trial Event, we’re going to rank up for sure. We just invite all the people that are interested in gaming and playing with us, to also attract more people from outside watching gaming or outside of the REVV ecosystem. We strongly invite them to join and do some research like I did several months ago when Tony asked me, “Can you go deeper into that?” I’ve done it and here I am. I’m playing now, and I’m an enthusiast. It’s fun, it’s a very interesting game. So I invite many people to watch it closely and study a little bit, do some research. I’m sure that they would love it.

For people interested in joining and especially joining you guys, how should they contact you?

Luca: We have a Telegram channel, we are going to have a Facebook page soon. We also have a Discord for existing team members. So every now and then, I can post on the main REVV channel, the link to our group so that if they want to join us or you can put some links down below…

Matt: OK, there will be links in the description below haha!

Luca: Just click down below and then you can find us! Haha. We will grow on socials as well, of course, that’s also the plan. I mean, we’re just barely starting out. So we need to do things well instead of rushing to march and do them in a so-so way.

Matt: Yeah. Well, super, super exciting times. Well, Ian and Luca, thank you so much for taking the time to chat today. I know you’re incredibly busy, so really appreciate it. I’ve learned a lot from you guys and I’m sure a lot of people watching will have as well. So I look forward to seeing you guys on the virtual track soon.

Super Fast Team: Yes, with pleasure. Thank you very much. Bye bye!

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 2 of our Player Interview Series, we hope you enjoyed it. We will be back very soon, sitting down with more players and teams from the F1 Delta Time community. Until next time…

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