F1® Delta Time Player Interview Series: Episode 1 — Speedtek Team

Welcome to our new F1® Delta Time player interview series!

F1 ® Delta Time is an officially licensed Formula 1 blockchain-based game that utilizes Ethereum blockchain to bring you a full Formula 1 racing experience, alongside a gaming evolution in a form of true digital ownership. F1® Delta Time consists of two main components; collecting scarce digital items to fill your garage, and leveraging these items to go head-to-head in multiplayer racing.

Over the past several months, we have seen many exciting developments while getting ready for the Grand Prix™ mode. From the sale of the first F1® Delta Time car NFT: the 1–1–1 for over 111K USD(at the time of the sale), to the first official crate sale for the 2019 season, to the Time Trial mode, the release of the car NFT staking, and the REVV token, all the way to the Elite Time Trial. It has been some truly exciting times and we have seen an amazing response from the whole community, bonds being created and some great banter between heavy competition.

As you all know, a game cannot exist without it’s players. With this series we want to both thank our players for their participation, hard work and good times, as well as lift the curtain to see who you are racing against.

This week we are talking with none other than the founding members of the Speedtek Racing Team; Brock, Bertok and Kessler, who have been an inspiration to many other players starting their teams as well.

You can watch the interview here..

Or dive into the written story below. Enjoy!

How did you guys hear about F1® Delta Time and what made you guys join forces to form Speedtek?

[Speedtek] Brock 05: I can probably kick that off. So Bertok and I have been friends since high school, so given that we’re fairly old now, that’s a long time ago haha. I met Kessler because I bought my first racing bundle off him. I low-balled him 0.1 ETH from 1 ETH and we basically started communicating. Then Kessler had the idea of creating a team, which at that point was really just putting tags in front of our names. Then we got Bertok involved because I knew that he’d be interested, and we decided that we’d start racing together and pooling our data to join forces, so that’s pretty much how it started.

Where did the name come from?

[Speedtek] Brock 05: 15 or 20 years ago it was actually my business name for an IT business. So while I was at University I started it off and yeah that was the name so it was fitting to fit technology and racing, so we used it again!

What is it about the gameplay that drew you into F1® Delta Time?

[Speedtek] Kessler: I’ve been around since the crate sale. I’ve been playing, but it wasn’t much fun until creating this team. Since the team, we’ve had a lot of fun together. We talk a lot about our savings, we make fun of each other about who’s the slowest, who’s the fastest and it’s a lot more fun doing it in a team. So that’s how Speedtek got created, to have more fun and enjoy!

What scale of investment were you actually looking to make in the game, with NFTs and REVV, and have you been able to earn from your game play so far??

[Speedtek] Kessler: Well I was able to gain some from the first stake and got about 80,000 REVV, plus we earn a lot from the races too.

Has the scale been quite different — in terms of what you’ve put into what you’ve gotten out?

[Speedtek] Kessler: It’s too early to say right now because we probably put a lot more in, than we got out at the moment, but this is just the beginning, so we can’t say that we already got our money back. That’s about me, I don’t know about somebody else but I did put a lot of money into the first season of crates and by return I only have that first stake which I got 80,000 and 2 Elite (Time Trial Events) which I got about another 100,000 back, so we’ll see. We go from there.

[Speedtek] Brock 05: I think we’re all pretty different because obviously Kessler was involved early on. I think it really came on our radar because Bertok let me know that there was the REVV project, from Nuggets News — a group in Australia, crypto/finance group. Someone had done a write-up on REVV as an investment opportunity, so we sort-of have a strategy where we tip 100 US dollars in on some low cap projects that we like and instead of tipping in 100, we went “ooh what’s this game?” It went from there and I’m probably pretty lucky that we got involved just before the first Elite Time Trial Event, and after the event we pretty much broke even and have a garage that is competitive. So yeah we were pretty lucky I think, so it definitely can be done, you just need to be smart about what you buy and not just rush in and buy parts. You need to buy parts for purpose, not just buy parts because they have cool stats.

[Speedtek] Bertok: You also need to make sure that you’re purchasing items, vehicles and drivers for the Tier that you want to operate in. For me and for Brock as well, we know we’re not ultra competitive in Tier B, however by participating in Tier B, we are able to rank well enough to get a return on REVV at the end of the Elite Time Trial Event. I’ve focussed my investment in the lower to the mid tiers, making sure that I’ve been competitive in Tier C and hopefully was looking to take out Tier B, which I took Kessler out last night so I’m sure he’s going to be madly trying to catch up this morning before the closing of the 2nd Elite Time Trial Event haha.

How much value do you guys see NFTs having, and what do you think the future holds for digital items and assets?

[Speedtek] Bertok: I think it won’t be long and everything will be tokenized. Everything will be on the blockchain. I think it goes beyond gaming, you know we look at the artworks and things like that but I’m pretty sure down the track we’ll have mortgages and houses, properties, a whole range of just about every type of asset that has value may well be on the blockchain. I think it’s a pretty exciting time and it’s interesting to be in so early. It’ll be fun to see this play out.

[Speedtek] Kessler: Yep, it’s very early to say but sky is the limit! Just like with The Sandbox Game, we’re hoping to have our first showroom in The Sandbox if that’s going to be possible. Our team is willing to display our trophies on The Sandbox land!

So for all the newcomers watching, what advice or tips would you give someone that wants to join REVV and F1® Delta Time?

[Speedtek] Brock 05: I think the main points for us and you know we do try and help in the Discord community and so on, is that you don’t need to dump a whole lot of money to get started. Don’t get caught up in needing all the rarest items which can cost a lot of money. You need to get yourself educated and have a plan of what you’re going to do. Do you want to stake, do you want to race, what’s your budget, all those sorts of things, and that should guide your purchases — not just jumping in. I did this as well, I wish I had someone to guide me at the start, which ended up being Kessler after I bought the kit off him. It’s good to have someone to give you that feedback and guidance so you’re getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ and not spending money on things that aren’t necessarily going to help you with what you want to achieve.

[Speedtek] Kessler: Yes we’re always happy to see new guys. We have a few ‘prospects’ as we like to call them, on our Discord channel, and they’re pretty happy, they’re racing, so go from there. If anyone needs help, they can always ask us!

With the car composition side of things, what do you focus on and how much data have you gathered in preparation for the Grand Prix™ game release?

[Speedtek] Brock 05: So I guess a secret that we found pretty early was that you need to record what you do. There’s so many different combinations of tracks and cars and weather and tyres and parts and gear and it’s endless. I think we’re only just scraping the surface. It’s about recording what you do, like anything that you can measure your performance and get better. So we took that approach into our ‘pretend’ racing and it’s really shown some benefits, especially as you come and do tracks again, you’ve already got setups recorded. We basically have a database of all our recorded runs that we choose to do… I think we’ve got about 700 recorded combinations of tracks/weather/times/tiers all that sort of stuff. We have now built a frontend on that so we can simply select the circuit and the tier that we’re racing in, and we automatically get the best times from our team and setups. We’ve just started exploring weighting between drivers and cars because we’re noticing that different tracks obviously have different variability, so we’re really focussing on that combination of stats and tyres and seeing what difference tyres make in different tiers etc. so yeah it’s just time, effort, recording and analysis.

You guys have consistently been in the top 5 in most of the tiers you’ve competed in. How do you guys plan to stay up there for the Grand Prix™ game?

[Speedtek] Brock 05: We need a holiday… haha. I guess it’s just, keep doing what we’re doing. I think we just have to get better at what we’re doing and one thing we’ve focussed on in this event was, because we’re a team and we actually have 3 different garages, that they’re all very different — we learn off each other’s times and can only put together certain cars based on the garage so by doing that we now see we’re missing this from our garage, so that leads us to Opensea.io to hopefully not purchase too many parts, but you’re actually really honing down, searching for specific parts with specific stats that have you know, plenty of this and not much of this. I think that’s where the fine tuning comes. I’ve got a list of things that I need to complete my garage but I’ve been a bit slower at some of the tracks compared to the others so hopefully not too much purchasing but we’ll see!

[Speedtek] Kessler: Plus the fun’s in all the jokes in between! For the last few tracks when a driver’s weighting has to be greater than the car, we’re making jokes about the driver’s bodyweight! Haha.

Matt: Yeah you need to get your drivers in the gym and make sure they’re eating right. Make sure they’re on top of their game!

[Speedtek] Brock 05: I hear rowing machines are really good…

Matt: Yeah haha. Give Mark Webber a call and see if he can give your drivers some training! But you know it’s clear you guys have done a lot of homework, that’s fantastic to see! Especially with the Grand Prix game coming out so soon. We love hearing the thoughts of you guys and our player community!

What’s something you’re looking forward to with the release of the Grand Prix™ and is there anything in particular that you’d like to see in its release?

[Speedtek] Bertok: I think one thing that we’ve really realised is that working together as a team is something of importance and I think probably if we look at F1 in the real world, it’s certainly team-based. I think Speedtek has done really well in opening up a bit of how those teams do work and showing how working together can really get you aboard. At the moment I’m just looking forward to getting a trophy in the Elite Time Trial Events.

[Speedtek] Brock 05: I think for me on top of that would be an experience point concept. It’s a balance between rewarding players who have been around for a long time and making it easy to enter as well. So it’s a fine line. I think having some kind of XP introduced into the concept where people who hold trophies or perhaps based on how many laps they’ve done, they actually have a percentage variable a bit like ‘luck’ that could sometimes get them faster lap times than others would normally get with the exact same setup. Yeah for me manufacturer and experience, probably the two things and seeing the gameplay that you showed off last week, that’s going to be a whole new world. Now you’ve got not just statistics, you’ve got actual skill and timing involved, so that’s going to change the game I think! We’re just lucky that we’ve done the groundwork and have all that data so that we know that we’ve got good car setups. The variable of the actual player is going to be what makes a big difference moving forward.

Matt: Yeah I mean you’ve hit the nail on the head there, especially with the full Grand Prix game, there’s going to be a lot of skill involved in getting your braking points right, carrying the right amount of speed into the corners, so it’s not just about car composition. That’s going to add another element to the team, which we’ve seen you guys formed over the last couple days and weeks, but we’ve also seen new teams being formed — as a result of your success over the last few weeks…

[Speedtek] Kessler: Actually one of the drivers of the 2nd team is actually part of my team as well.

[Speedtek] Brock 05: So that just shows that we’re willing to help people there, that we’re now letting them in on the team Discord group. Obviously we’re not sharing exact setups and things, but we’re happy to share some advice and work with the team and community rather than just focus on ourselves.

How does a team like you guys function? How do you guys work together and what does it take to set up a new team like yours?

[Speedtek] Brock 05: Trust. So that’s the thing that we have. With Bertok and I we’ve got 20 year behind us, and Kessler took a punt on us I guess, because he was the blacksheep, so yeah I think that’s really important because money is at stake. We trust each other and that’s the biggest difference. It’s communication, trust and data.

How many people have you guys been in touch with and how many people are you, or are you currently accepting new entries into the team?

[Speedtek] Brock 05: So I guess it’s something that is constantly evolving. It’s been a bit of a juggling act getting people in. Again, it’s a trust thing right? Even for us to accept — when we say team, I mean full team members like the 3 of us where we share everything — that’s been a little bit tricky. We’re still open to do it, but it needs to be a 2-way street, so we’ve obviously got something at stake, so it needs to be something we negotiate. As far as helping the community and joining in on our team Discord etc., we’ve probably had maybe 10 people. We’ve set up a couple of cars for a couple of people, sold them cars to race in tiers and we’ll continue to do that. I think it’s probably the best way that we can help people with actually setting them up cars, because until you buy a car and try and put one together, you do not realise the value in your car coming prepackaged for you. Unfortunately it’s hard to educate people on that until they already go and do it and realise they cant, but yeah I think that’s the way we’ll keep moving forward and try to pass on some knowledge and help some people out.

Is there anything finally that you guys want to add, or a cheeky plug about the team.

[Speedtek] Brock 05: I mean the leaderboard says it all haha. No look, I guess just reiterating that, anyone new that wants to come, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to help put together a package. Sure there might be a little bit of money in it for us, but it does take a lot of time to put something together.

[Speedtek] Kessler: Not all the time, the last setup that we sold, we sold it at a lower price than we invested, so we’re not really even making money.

[Speedtek] Brock 05: Look we’re more than happy to do that. I think in the short term that’s the best way we can help people — is to guide them in their purchases and basically put together packages for them to use.

Matt: Awesome, well there you have it guys. Fantastic insights from Speedtek, and thanks so much for taking the time to chat today. It was definitely an eye opener for me, and I’m sure it was for everyone watching as well!

[Speedtek] Team: Thanks for your time! We’re also looking forward to the game. Yeah looking forward to the gameplay and hearing what this new time trial event is.

Matt: See ya later guys, thanks very much. See you on track!

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 1 of our Player Interview Series, we hope you enjoyed it. We will be back very soon, sitting down with more players and teams from the F1 Delta Time community. Until next time…

Any questions, give us a shout!

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