F1® Delta Time - Grand Prix™ Mode Special Event 18 - 31 January 2021

Since the release of the F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ mode, players have been getting familiar with how their compositions perform on the track, and competing for prizes in REVV and 2020 Keys in each week.

Today, we are announcing a special Grand Prix™ mode event, with a prize pool of 20,000 DAI and 104 F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys.

The event begins 18 January 2020 (00:01 UTC) and runs until 31 January 2020 (23:59 UTC).

Introducing the Grand Prix™ Mode

The F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ mode lets you use your cars, drivers, components and gear to participate in a skill-based racing game. The Grand Prix™ mode is the core gaming experience of F1® Delta Time, currently in Phase 1 which features qualifying laps in the Circuit de Monaco (more Events will be released in the near future). In Phase 2, which is coming soon, players will race head-to-head with other players. More information on the Grand Prix™ mode is available at https://f1deltatime.medium.com/f1-delta-time-grand-prix-mode-phase-1-release-bca56fbc140d

Special Grand Prix™ Mode Event with 20,000 Dai Prize

This is a special Grand Prix™ mode event that will run for two weeks. Players will compete for the top ranking on the leaderboards across all Tiers and all weather conditions. Prizes include 20,000 DAI and 104 F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys.

Dai is a stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, which has its value tracking the US dollar. Dai is a product of MakerDAO.

“The Grand Prix™ mode event offering Dai rewards is a great opportunity for players to experience F1® Delta Time while competing for prizes in Dai, the backbone of the DeFi ecosystem,” said Rune Christensen, CEO of the Maker Foundation and co-founder of MakerDAO.

Entering this Grand Prix™ mode special event requires a payment in REVV, with the entry fee based on the Tier in which you compete. One entry fee (or “try”) allows you to perform three laps, with your single best lap time being recorded. There is no cap on the number of times you can enter.

DAI Prize Pools and Tiers

  • Refresher: What are Tiers? Tiers govern which players compete together, ensuring that a player with a very high composition stat is not going to be unfairly matched against someone with a much lower composition stat. The Tiers are separated by composition stat point ceilings, starting at 0–6,000 for Tier D, and up to 16,000+ for Tier A.

During the event, players will have the option to participate in every Tier (A, B, C, and D) and every type of weather (Hot, Dry, Light Rain, and Heavy Rain). Each Tier and weather combination has its own Leaderboard, resulting in a total of 16 Leaderboards. Players will be ranked by their fastest laps over the two week period.

In this special event, a total of 20,000 DAI will be awarded to the top 3 players in each leaderboard, so there will be 48 potential winners.

Tier A (composition stat of 16,001+): Total event reward pool of 12,000 DAI

Tier B (composition stat of 10,001–16,000): Total event reward pool of 6,000 DAI

Tier C (composition stat of 6,001–10,000): Total event reward pool of 1,200 DAI

Tier D (composition stat of 0–6,000): Total event reward pool of 600 DAI

DAI will be distributed after the end of the event.

2020 Keys Rewards and Tiers

Each week, the top 10 of each Tier (regardless of the weather type) will win 2020 Keys. Each key will give you five 2020 F1® Delta Time NFTs, one of which is guaranteed to be a race car or a driver. More information on Keys can be found at https://f1deltatime.medium.com/f1-delta-time-2020-key-opening-starts-8-january-2021-ef1c38314830.

Where to Find and Follow

You can start playing the standard F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ Mode today at: https://www.f1deltatime.com/grandprix

Have any questions? Hit us up on social media at Twitter or Facebook, or join us on the official F1® Delta Time Discord.

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