F1® Delta Time — Grand Prix™ Mode — Phase 1 Release

Announcing the news that players have all been waiting for: the F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™! Phase 1 of the action-based racing game will be open to all players! Use your knowledge of tracks and cars to set up your ideal race composition, and make sure your reflexes are honed to a fine edge to race in the multiplayer event-driven experience of the F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ .

In celebration of the release of the F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ game mode, all account holders will receive a total of 80 free attempts (20 for each Tier) at the same time that the new game mode goes live.

The Grand Prix™ Mode launches this Thursday 17 December 2020, at 5 pm (HKT).

Explaining Phase 1

In this Phase 1 of the F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™, we’re introducing the Qualifying experience, in which players will run qualifying laps to determine their position on the starting grid. In Phase 2, coming early in 2021, players will also be able to race head-to-head against other players.

The F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ racing journey starts on the Circuit de Monaco, and Spa-Francochamps, Silverstone, and Monza will also be added before Phase 2 launches.

Competition Event: REVV and 2020 Key Rewards

The fastest times overall for each Tier will win an amount of REVV based on the position achieved, and the fastest times for each Tier and weather combination will win 2020 Keys.

Players with the fastest laps overall, regardless of weather, will receive the below amounts in REVV, from a total prize pool of 100,000 REVV. Also, the top 3 of each Tier will receive a REVV Trophy A total of 12 REVV Trophies will be given out in this event.

REVV and Trophy Rewards for Fastest Laps Overall (Regardless of Weather) in Each Tier

The fastest laps from each weather and Tier combination will receive Keys. This means that even if you don’t have the overall fastest lap, you could still get Key rewards by achieving the fastest lap for a particular Tier and weather combination. A total of 68 Keys will be rewarded during this event.

2020 Key Rewards for Each Weather Condition in Each Tier

The Leaderboards will count the fastest laps during the entire event. So players are able to keep improving their time for the entire duration, with the event ending on 20 December 2020 at 8 am (HKT). After the Competition Event ends, players can still play the Grand Prix™ Mode.

Entry Fees

Rewarding Feedback

If you’re new to F1® Delta Time, you can find out more about the game by checking out our Medium articles, as well as following us on Twitter. We also have an active player community on Discord, so come and join the conversation.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/F1DeltaTime

Discord: https://discord.gg/EZE6mkS

REVV Telegram: https://t.me/REVVCommunity

Missing a certain car part? Want to improve your racing composition? F1® Delta Time Drivers, Cars, Tyres, and Components can be obtained on the OpenSea marketplace at https://opensea.io/assets/f1-delta-time

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