Announcing the F1® Delta Time Crate Sale

During February the first official crate sale for F1® Delta Time will begin. For the first time, drivers, car components, driver gear and tyre NFT collectibles — as well as the Legendary tier collectibles — will be made available for purchase via F1® Delta Time crates.

The Crate Sale

Players can purchase crates that contain a randomised assortment of collectibles. A crate can contain driver gear, car components and tyres, as well as a chance of a car or driver collectible, with the car and driver collectibles being the rarest drops available from crates.

All of the collectibles obtained from crates are NFTs.

The crates will be available in 4 tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The tier determines the rarity configuration of the collectibles contained in the crate.

The crates themselves are in a limited supply. Once the sale ends, these specific crates will no longer be available, with the NFTs contained within the crates having the same limited availability as a result.

Crates Per-Tier

What are F1® Delta Time Crates?

Inside a crate of any tier, you will find five F1® Delta Time collectibles. The type of collectibles found in a crate are random, with the tier dictating the rarity of collectibles.

Below is what you will find in each crate from a rarity perspective: for example, the table shows that a Legendary crate is guaranteed to contain at least 1 Legendary, 1 Rare, and 3 Common collectibles.

The types of collectibles are randomly determined based on the overall scarcity. With car and driver collectibles being more scarce than gear, components and tyres, and then with a Legendary car being more scarce than a Common car.

Tiers of Collectibles per-Crate Tier

If you’re lucky, there is a chance that you could receive a non-typical rarity of collectible inside a crate of a lower rarity. For example, your Rare crate could contain an Epic collectible. Try your luck!

Official and Original Cars and Drivers

There are two main types of cars and drivers available in F1® Delta Time. The first type are the official F1® drivers and cars from the 2019 Formula 1 Season. These collectibles are only available at the Epic and Legendary rarities.

The second type are original cars and drivers, which are exclusive to F1® Delta Time. These cars and drivers are only available in the Common and Rare rarities.

Crates are guaranteed to contain a car or driver. Lower rarity crates provide a higher chance of receiving a car or driver due to the lowered scarcity of Common and Rare cars and drivers when compared to Epic and Legendary.

All car Collectibles can be Staked regardless of rarity, with the only difference being their weighting in the Staking Pool.

Crate Anatomy — ERC-20 Crates

The crates themselves are ERC-20 tokens which are burned once opened. As they’re ERC-20 tokens, as well as being able to open the crates once initially purchased, owners can also sell them or hold onto them for future opening or selling.

The Crate Sale Events, Discounts and Promotions

Early Bird Discount

Players who are early will have the chance to purchase crates at the lowest possible price point. With the first week of sales seeing a 10% discount on the base price for all crates.

Rewarding Repeat Purchases — Crate Discounts

Bundled or bulk buyers will be able to take advantage of a discount on every 5th crate. As long as the crate is of the same tier, the 5th crate they purchase will be 5% off the current price.

For example, if a crate is 1 ETH, the 5th crate bought of the same tier will be 0.95 ETH. This stacks with the Early Bird pricing, using the same example as above: 0.90 ETH per-crate, with the 5th being 0.85 ETH.

The crate discount is applied on every 5th crate bought. So if a player chooses to purchase 10 crates, they’ll have a 5% discount applied on two of the crates in the 10.

Earn Through Sharing — Referral Links

For the crate sale, we will be enabling referral links. Referrals allow for players to earn on any crate purchases that happen through their shared links. With 2.5% of the total purchase being awarded to the referrer.

Refer a friend!

To access the referral link, the player will just need to create an F1® Delta Time account, and be connected/signed in at the time of sharing.

So be sure to share often!

Apex Chance — Car Tickets

The highest rarity tier in F1® Delta Time is Apex. Apex-level cars have sold at auction for prices of over 100 ETH. They also have the highest potential stat lines of any rarity, and have the highest weighting when it comes to potential earnings from Staking.

During the F1® Delta Time crate sale, a chance to win an Apex car will be available to lucky players. With 3 of the 4 Chinese Guardian cars being put up for grabs. The first of which — the Azure Dragon — recently sold at auction for 91 ETH.

To win one of these cars, the player requires Car Tickets. With the Car Ticket being a unique number.

Every crate purchased contains Car Tickets. The number of Car Tickets a player can receive for a crate purchase will depend on the tier of crate they are buying. Each crate awards a number of Car Tickets relative to the tier.

Crate Tier and Car Tickets granted per-Crate

Not all of the Apex cars will be immediately available to win. With each car unlocking at crate purchase milestones. With the first being made available at 2000 crates sold, the second at 4000, and the third being available upon all crates sold.

If your Car Ticket number is drawn as the winner, one of the Apex cars is yours. Car Tickets grant anyone a chance at becoming the owner of one of the Four Guardian series of Apex cars. Good luck!

Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Turtle

Event Summary

  • All crates are 10% off for the first week.
  • Every 5th crate purchased of the same tier is 5% off
  • Receive 2.5% of a sale by referring a buyer when logged into F1® Delta Time
  • Receive Apex Car Tickets on every crate purchase
  • At every 2000 crates, up to the final crate sold, Apex cars will be available to win

Got any questions? Hit us up on social media at Twitter or Facebook, or join us on the official F1® Delta Time Discord.




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