It’s time to welcome yet another exciting circuit to F1® Delta Time, so say hello to the Formula 1 Autodromo Nazionale di Monza! This historic race track near the city of Monza, north of Milan in Italy, was built in 1922 and it is the world’s third purpose-built motor racing circuit.

Now this exciting and historic track will enter the F1® Delta Time universe.

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About the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

A little trip north of Milan will bring you to a rather iconic F1® circuit, otherwise known as the “Temple of Speed”. Having hosted the Italian Grand Prix™ from as…

Race for prizes including REVV, 2019 season cars, and trophies

We’re excited to bring you a new Grand Prix™ Mode Event! And that’s not all — Round 2 Staking begins today as well!

In Round 2 Staking, players can stake F1® Delta Time 2019 season car NFTs to earn rewards from a total pool of 2,000,010 REVV(worth about US$280,000 at the time of writing). More information about Round 2 Staking is available at this Medium post, and the minimum potential earnings for this round is detailed in the table below.

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Details of the new Grand Prix™ Mode event 22–28 February…

Get those laps in to prepare for the big event next week!

Last few months have been an incredibly exciting time here at F1® Delta Time and we are proud to welcome yet another Grand Prix circuit into the F1® Delta Time family! Silverstone Grand Prix will become playable on 17th February and you will have a few days to practise on what it takes to master this track.

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About the Silverstone Track

Another classic on the F1® calendar, Silverstone is a circuit that has gone through several layout changes in its time. …

Staking of 2019 Car Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) returns in F1® Delta Time starting 22 February 2021! Stake your car NFTs and generate REVV which you can claim after the end of the staking period, on 23 March 2021!

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In F1® Delta Time, we have always looked to utilise blockchain as deeply as possible to give benefits to our players. Our players enjoy true digital ownership over their game items because they are NFTs. To allow players to leverage the ownership of their assets, we utilise DeFi concepts with features such as NFT staking to enable play-to-earn. …

UPDATED (18/2/21): Standings after Week 1 have been updated. Scroll down to the end of the article to see who’s on top!

To kick-off the first full week of Spa Francorchamps being live and playable in the Grand Prix™ Mode, we are launching a 13 day Grand Prix event in F1® Delta Time, which involves both the Circuit de Monaco, and the aforementioned Circuit de Spa Francorchamps.

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Event details

For this event, a total reward pool of 200,000 REVV, and 24 F1® Delta Time 2020 Season Keys will be made available for players to compete for.

This latest event will present some…

Get your Red Packets now!

To celebrate 2021 the Year of the Ox and prepare for a bullish approach in the months to come, F1® Delta Time is happy to announce a special REVV Red Packet Giveaway with 25,000 REVV up for taking!

Last year F1® Delta Time took many steps forward as a motorsport gaming platform. We have also been lucky to establish an enthusiastic and friendly community during this time and would like to thank everyone for their participation and support!

The year of Ox symbolises harvest and good luck, which we believe will also be true for our players. In the year…

It’s time for some highly anticipated news, as this week will mark the release of the second F1® Delta Time track and the very first Grand Prix tournament on the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps!

Set in 300 acres of forest in the mountains of Belgium, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most challenging and historic race tracks in Formula 1. The legendary circuit has been hosting the Belgian Grand Prix since 1925. Now this historic circuit is ready for some high octane racing action within F1® Delta Time. …

We are launching the Final Sale of F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys on 4 February 2021 at - this will be the last chance to purchase 2020 Keys directly from F1® Delta Time.

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Reminder: What are F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys?

Keys are fungible tokens that can be “opened” at F1® Delta Time Garage to obtain their contents, which are 5 official 2020 F1® Delta Time non-fungible tokens (NFTs). One of these NFTs is guaranteed to be a race car or a driver.

When a Key is used, the NFTs that it reveals are minted directly to the owner’s…

Since the release of the F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ mode, players have been getting familiar with how their compositions perform on the track, and competing for prizes in REVV and 2020 Keys in each week.

Today, we are announcing a special Grand Prix™ mode event, with a prize pool of 20,000 DAI and 104 F1® Delta Time 2020 Keys.

The event begins 18 January 2020 (00:01 UTC) and runs until 31 January 2020 (23:59 UTC).

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Introducing the Grand Prix™ Mode

The F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™ mode lets you use your cars, drivers, components and gear to participate in…

Good news: the Keys you bought in the 2020 Content Pre-Sale can now be opened at! But first, a little background.

On 30 November 2020, F1® Delta Time launched the 2020 Content Pre-Sale, which was broken into two phases - Deposit Phase and Purchase Phase. During the Deposit Phase, a total of 75,000,000 REVV was deposited by our players, securing a 50% off discount for all Keys in the Pre-Sale.

The Purchase Phase began on 4 December 2020, and all of the available 2020 Keys sold out within 5 hours for a total of 44,480,000 REVV (equivalent to about…

F1® Delta Time

#F1DeltaTime is an official Formula 1® #blockchain game developed by Animoca Brands and running on the #Ethereum blockchain. Discord:

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